Laboratory equipment

Hangzhou Nbond Nonwovens Co.,Ltd. Central Laboratory belongs to Nbond Stock Corporation. It comprises of physics & chemical inspection room、constant temperature and humidity room and microorganism inspection room for comprehensive inspections on raw material、auxiliary material、jumbo roll goods、converted products and manufacturing process.

At present, the central laboratory is equipped with various more than 50 sets of laboratory facilities including Instron apparatus, digital fabric thickness instrument、standard multi-light source color viewing lamp、 whiteness meter、 PH meter、 wrist oscillator、ultraviolet and visible spectrophotometer、bio-safety cabinet、water-jacket thermostatic constant incubator、mould cultivation cabinet、vertical steam pressure sterilizer, etc.

Detection of raw and auxiliary materials signifies physics and chemical indicator detection for more than 40 types of materials, for instance, raw material、chemicals and packaging materials.

Detection of jumbo-roll goods indicates a series of testing for properties like breaking strength、hydroscopicity、whiteness、color fastness to rubbing、softness、component analysis and formaldehyde content. Moreover, flushability of flushable products can be tested in accordance with specifications listed by INDA/EDANA.

In addition to regular detections for nonwoven jumbo rolls、sanitary products、processing water、control console、environment and so on, microorganism detection also includes pathogenic bacteria detection.

We have a responsible、diligent and professional inspection team for central laboratory. Meanwhile, sophisticated quality management system has been well established and implemented. Central laboratory is fully capable of completing detection works in compliance with not only national regulations and laws but also ISO、GB、ASTM and other standards.

Central laboratory has been certified and accredited by CNAS as a national-level laboratory. We will, like we always do, be unswervingly committed to adopting the most accurate instruments and devices to provide objective、fair、accurate and efficient testing and assessment services with superior quality for both internal and external customers.

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