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The product name:Babyskin facial mask material

   Babyskin facial mask material is made of special super fine fiber, which lowers strength of product and makes it very soft, it can cover dermal furrow completely and can prevent formation of bubble and evenly release essence to get into deep inside skin; inner structure is tight which provides good evenness and strength for products; soft surface defines this product to be skin-friendly and provides delicate care for skin; strong liquid absorption which allow this product lock essence immediately and moisture skin in a short time and last this effect for a long time. soft , smooth, skin-attaching facial mask material with good liquid locking ability is a high end product in facial beauty industry                                  


●  Softness: good softness that allow it cover dermal furrow perfectly. 

            ordinary product                 Babyskin

  Delicate care: this product is as soft, smooth as baby’s skin so it can offer super delicate care for skin. 

                ordinary product               Babyskin











●  Beauty care--Facial mask, eye film, hand film and etc
●  sanitary napkin, pad


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