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The product name:Anti-bacteria liquid locking facial mask material

   We adopt 50% bamboo fiber and 50% special cellulose fiber as raw material to provide better liquid locking and anti-bacteria function, which is 100% biodegradable. 


●  Liquid locking ability: using 50% special cellulose fiber can improve 50%~100% liquid locking ability. 

Comparison of essence evaporation rate for different material

●  Softness:  50% bamboo fiber in raw material allows the product smooth like silk.
●  Anti-bacteria function: containing Bamboo quinine allows its ability to disinfect over 75% of SA,ECOLI, C.albicans and etc.
●  Natural care: bamboo fiber contains abundant pectin, bamboo honey, tyr, VE, SE/GE and many more anti-aging/cancer microelements. Antioxidant compound in bamboo fiber can help to remove free radical inside human body and has anti-aging function; The esters peroxides can stop carcinogen(N- Nilrite compounds) and enhance immunity; bamboo fiber contains amino acids that are necessary for human body and provides natural care for skin; bamboo fiber , bamboo honey, pectin have function of moisturizing skin and eliminating fatigue; bamboo fiber does not contain free charge, which allows it to be anti-static and antipruritic. 





Plain, jacquard weave






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