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The product name:Phyllostachys pubescens carbon facial mask material

Phyllostachys pubescens carbon facial mask material

Bamboo carbon has loose and porous structure. Its molecules are fine and porous, its texture is hard, and it has a strong adsorption capacity. It can dehumidify and absorb sweat when in contact with human body and promote blood circulation and metabolism of human body. Trace elements released by bamboo carbon can kill bacteria and improve the surrounding environment.

● deeply absorbExcellent quality with super adsorption capacity and anti-bacteria function, made the mask after effectively regulate the water oil balance of skin, remove oil dirt, improve the environment for the skin, effectively relieve skin health problems.

 brighten your skinFar infrared ray it contains can promote the microcirculation of skin cells and to open the closed state of skin to make cells alive and  every cell can absorb fresh nutrition ingredients, effectively replenish water and nutrition, make facial skin smooth, tender and bright.


Basis weightg/m²)

45 ~ 80 g/m²

Appearance structure 

plain(can be customized )




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