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The product name: Moshinbo Nonwoven material  Moshinbo Nonwoven material

Evenly input imported original wood pulp into 3D fiber net through low pressure multiple water jets so that high liquid Absorbency is guaranteed together with performance of high strenght makes this product an ideal wiping material for household,medical and industrial field. 

 Thick textureSoft and fluff,its thickness has increased 13% compared to TT line product.
Strong water absorbabilityBy applying imported native wood pulp,the water absorption of the product is excellent.
Excellent strength,Will not be easily out of shapeExcellent MD/CD ration,its ration can reach to 3.8:1 which can avoid easy deformation during usage.
Special flocking techniqueBy adopting unique three-dimensional spunlace technique,one side of the sheet becomes fluffy so the wiping effect will be enhanced.

Various applications  
● Household products:wiping cloth,wet cloth,wet wipes,food contacting cloth,kitchen wipes;
● Medical&health:disinfecting and cleaning wet wipes used in hospital and health caring locations.
● Industrial products:professional wipes for precise instruments,electronic industry,printing industry and etc.


Basis weightg/m²)

45 ~ 80 g/m²

Appearance structure

plain,22 meshes,pearl




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