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The product name:S patterned facial mask material

 We adopt 100% Fine denier cellulose fiber with microfilament and micro-scale structure on its surface, and micropores in-between, on the surface and inside the material help to absorb essence and then to make it transparent and bright. What’s more, it will exploit the advantage of Fine denier cellulose fiber to get a soft and skin-friendly product.


Softness: good softness, stick to skin closely and cover dermal furrows.
Smoothness : soft surface, smooth touch

Breathability: unique micropore structure guarantee better breathability and stronger ability to lock essence.  

● Permeability: after being wet, this product has good permeability. 

           s patterned material              standard material

●  Fitness :unique S patterned is fitter for dermal furrows growing trend, thus can cover face more completely. 





S patterned, aperture


pure color



Item No: A-BC035S-Aperture A-BC050S-Aperture A-CC050S

Test report: SGS certification (for skin irritation test), test report for fluorescent brightening and free formaldehyde.

●  Beauty care--Facial mask, eye film, hand film and etc 

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