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The product name:CHIILO wet wipes material 1st generation ●  SOFT & SAFE
By adopting fine Cellulose fiber as the raw material and processing through special technology. The material will be more soft when encountering the water or essence the and provide more delicate care to skin, while wiping, there will be no relative slip,which will clean skin more effectively.
Being no chemical additives during process can largely reduce all kinds of adverse reactions such as allergy.This is also non-toxic,non-stimulating,fluorescence free,so customers can be assured.

●  Uniform & plentiful
Uniform texture and cleaning surface,the special texture makes the fabric feelings more like the cotton.Compared to regular spulance nonwovens,the material itselfis more
thick,packing is more plentiful,thus can win over more customers.

●  Biodegradable & environmental-friendly
The nature cellulose fiber makes the products biodegradable.Non-pollution and Environmental-friendly.

Specification :
Weight range(g/m²)



Plain or embossment



Width of cloth(cm)



cellulose fiber 



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