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The product name:Medical wiping material

This is made of imported high standard woodpulp and specialized synthetic fiber and processed by advanced spunlace compound equipments and mainly applied in medical instruments wiping. This product does not contain any chemical resin, binder, has properties of high strength, strong liquid absorption, high cleansing ability, low lint and etc. 

●  Compactness: compact structure, low lint. 
●  Dust holding : unique pattern design grants it stronger dust holding ability.
●  Softness: it is soft and will not cause scratch while wiping.
●  Excellent liquid absorption: Excellent liquid absorption can absorb liquid on equipments immediately
●  Safety: low ion content, will not cause second contamination for equipments
●  Stability: chemical solution resistance and can be compatible with Medical alcohol and etc.
●  Good physical properties: good breaking strength, economical and high efficient. 







white, blue



Item no: E-CW3865(blue)
Main Application: 

● Maintenance of all kinds medical equipment ,tools and etc. 
● Maintenance of all kinds of chemical industry, pharmaceutical, food, drinks, equipment and etc. 




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