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The product name:Medical plaster material

             Processed by advanced caring and lapping equipments from home and abroad, this product has good evenness and can guarantee small difference between MD and  CD strength.

            By applying level-by-level high pressure technology, this product has good intensity and strength, so it will not break down while being used and can effectively stop pellets and microorganism from coming in. In the meantime due to high pressure water needle, it has needle hole in its surface, which helps improve breathability.


●   Safety: non-irritating and non-allergic, and can effectively prevent ointment from permeating.
●   Skin-attaching: it is very soft, has good attaching ability when combined with paste. 
●   Appearance: colorful and evenly dyed

Weight (g/m2)



Plain and aperture


Skin color    

Item no: C-CR260P、C-CR355P、C-CT055P、C-CT065P、C-CT070P

Main application: 

Medical plaster, babu agent


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