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The product name:Soft wet wipe material It is made of 100% cellulose fibers and processed by spunlace technology developed by Nbond herself. Compared to standard spunlace wet wipes this product, it is natural, non-irritating, soft, no relative slip, no fluffing, skin-attaching, low cost and etc. 100% cellulose fiber makes it biodegradable and also meet criteria of wet strength. It goes with developing trend of future wipes and hygiene material. This product can even can be a replacement of traditional spunlace wet wipe material.

● Softness: it is very soft, offering delicate care for skin.
● Safety: 100% cellulose fiber, natural and non-irritating.
● Environmental-friendly: 100% bio-degradable, cause no burden for environment.
● Fluffing: it has no fluffing can avoid situation where fiber remains on face.

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