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The product name: Meshed dirt absorbing material

Aspiration of mesh material with domestic and foreign first-class water thorn equipment and exquisite technology, will be made of different mesh netting mesh cloth, mesh, texture soft, clear the product does not fall down, dust rate is high, suitable for civilian use wipe field.

● strong dust absorption makes it able to thoroughly remove dirt, it is a desirable tatic dirt removing material.
● It does not contain binder and chemical additives, to guarantee safety.
● Safe wiping due to no fluffing or lint.
● It is soft therefore it will not cause scratch while wiping.


Weight (g/m2)







Item NO: C-BAT065-4、C-BT040-22

Main Application: 

● Wiping for Kitchen, furniture, floor, tools and etc 
● Wiping for electronic industry, dust-free cleaning room. 

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