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The product name:Embossed dirt-absorbing material Aspiration of spunlace jacquard material is the use of different decorative pattern design of drum equipment and special spunlace jacquard technology, will be made on web design products with different style. The product not only has beautiful appearance, and as a result of jacquard cloth uneven, thus has the high friction and the rate of dust, coupled with soft spunlaced products, is an ideal material to civil wiped clean.

● Strong dust absorption, it can remove dirt thoroughly, a desirable static dirt removing material.
● Super high three-dimension structure provides higher friction force and dust holding ability.
● It is soft, so it will not cause scratches while wiping.





Shutter, diamond





Item NO: D-QAT065、D-BAPT70、D-SAPT70

Main Application:
● Wiping for Kitchen, furniture, floor, tools and etc
● Wiping for electronic industry, dust-free cleaning room

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