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The product name:Auto parts In the era of automobile, we shall not only consider high performance and comfort, but also reduce vehicle exhaust, improve efficiency of fuel, thus choosing appropriate auto parts is very important.
All these years, Hangzhou Nbond together with auto part manufacturers from hone and abroad set a goal to achieve weight reduction of automobile, carbon emission reduction, level up safety and comfort. Nbond has devoted herself to help her clients achieve success in auto industry.

Nbond auto parts material include inner decoration, Engine hood, spunlace man-made leather material.

● Strength: reasonable MD arrangement, good elongation can meet demand of auto part process.
● Easy to process: evenly distributed surface, identical patterns, easy for compounding, good appearance.
● Stability: light in weight, resistance to sunlight, anti-aging.
● Advantages: according to market needs, this can be developed into substrate with function of water proof, oil proof, fire-proof and etc.


Weight (g/m2)









Item No: F-CR355、F-CT045

Main Application 

● Production of car roof, side panel. 
● Manufacture of cover plate of automobile. 

● car roof, side panel

● cover plate of automobile.


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