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The product name:Organ curtain material Organ curtain is also called Honeycomb curtain, this sources from its unique honeycomb design. this curtain stores air in the hollow layer so it can maintain constant temperature. It not only has perfect appearance but has functions of saving energy, environmental-friendly. Its ability of anti-ultraviolet and heat proof will protect household items. It is very washable, simple and practical.
Organ curtain is always popular in Europe, and recently it is applied in cottages, winter garden and family house as high-level window decoration.
Nbond takes decoration market’s trend and has launched spunlace organ curtain material. And she works closely with her clients to develop all kinds of new window decorations.

● Excellent physical functions: flat surface, even mesh, strong strength, good painting effects.
● Functions: thermal-proof, heat preservation, energy-saving.
● Stability: water proof, moisture proof, mold proof, sunlight resistance, anti-aging and has a long working time.
● Environmental-friendly: good quality of material, very environmental-friendly.
● Advantages: according to market needs, this can be developed into substrate with function of uvioresistant, anti-bacteria, fire-proof and etc.


Weight (g/m2)








Item NO: F-CT045P、F-CT070P

Main application:

● Applied in production of organ curtain. 


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