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The product name:Seamless wall cloth material Seamless wall cloth is one of wall cloth, which is one of new wall cloth products that has been developed in recent years, it is designed according to height of wall and is one wall cloth that can be pasted as circumference, normally the width is 2.7~3.10m. seamless means constructing as a whole, it can be cut according to circumference of room, width of cloth is ≥height of the room, one wall cloth for a room, there is no need to have joints. Nbond take decoration market trend, work closely with wall cloth enterprise launch spunlace nonwoven substrate in order to meet criteria for seamless wall cloth.

● Environmental-friendly: soft feeling, noise-absorption, thermal retardation, good breathing ability, it is a breathing wall cloth.
● Stability: good extensibility, it is not easy to break, and it is mould-and-moisture proof
● Stickiness: seamless attach can avoid bend upwards, splitting and etc.
● Adjustability: strong adjustability, can be compounded with all kinds of textile.
● Easy for operation: it is more attachable and easier to tear off the wall , which will not damage wall.
● Function: according to market needs, this can be developed into substrate with function of thermal retardation, anti-bacteria, fire-proof and etc.


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Item No: F-CT080

ain Application 

● Production of seamless wall cloth 


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