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The product name:Nonwoven wall paper substrate

              Nbond Nonwoven wall paper substrate has unique style of appearance and plentiful touch feelings, which can not only provide more space for designers but also meet customers’ pursuit of beauty and grow together with china’ wall paper industry.


●  Appearance: with patterns and feelings from textile and property of high quality printing

●  Strength: small difference in MD, strong stretching and tearing strenghth, not easy to be deformed.

●  Compact structure: after coating, product will have better compact structure and will not break down.

●  Breathability: good breathing ability, it is a breathable wall paper.

●  Easy for operation: it is more attachable and easier to tear off the wall , which will not damage wall.

●  Stability: it is adapted to changes of temperature, and isn’t to grow mold therefore experiencing longer working time.

●  Safety: harmless for human body and environment and can meet environmental safety criteria.










Main Application:

●  Wall paper production

●  Wall painting, decoration artwork

●  Background wall for home and business purposes.



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