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The product name:Artificial leather substrate

Natural leather has excellent natural characteristics that are widely applied in daily necessaries and industrial products process, but with growth of population, demand for leather, limited leather is not able to meet this demand. To solve this problem, scientist started research on artificial leather, synthetical leather decades ago in order to make up shortage of natural leather. 

        Multi-pore structure of nonwoven substrate is in accordance with mesh structure of natural leather. Inner structure formed by fiber tangle is beneficial for absorption and transportation of moisture and shows breathing characteristic of natural leather. Therefore by adopting nonwovens and urethane resin as material and processed by wet coating, the artificial leather has similar structure as natural leather but surpass natural leather in physical function, color, folding resistance, anti-molding and etc, it is a desirable replacement of natural leather.

         Hangzhou Nbnond nonwovens co.,ltd go with trend capture right direction of development, using fine man-made fiber and synthetic fiber as material and process them with unique spunlace technology to launch spunlace synthetic leather substrate and meet needs of synthetic leather enterprise.


●  Appearance: flat surface and evenly distributed thickness. 

●  Compactness: good compactness and will not break down

●  Stable size: soft feeling, stable size.

●  Strength: small difference in MD strength, high stretching and tearing strength.

●  Breathing ability: good breathing ability and good stimulated leather effect.










Item No: 


Main Application:

●  Used for shoe lining leather and instep leather

●  Used for label leather, luggage leather

●  Used for auto decoration leather


1.Shoe lining leather

2.Auto decoration leather

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