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The product name:“EDDIC” low lint industrial cleaning cloth

“EDDIC” low lint industrial cleaning cloth is made of cellulose fiber and processed by unique spunlace technology, it has unique pore structure, very soft texture, clear pattern, nice fiber winding all these can significantly reduce dust. This product has strong absorbing ability and chemical tolerance, it can keep stable in all kinds of environment. This is highest standard low lint cleaning cloth and replace imported products under same kind.


●  Stability: fast absorbing speed ,compatible with all solution and can bear isopropanol, aldehyde, acetone and etc.
●  Unique pore structure design, not easy to break down, low lint
●  Evenly distributed surface, clear mesh, high tangle intensity  
●  Touch feeling: soft and will not cause scratch on surface of wiped objects.
●  Safety: low content of ion, safe and environmental-friendly.









Item No: B-BR835P-22

Main Application:

●  ISO class 5(100degrade) low lint indoor cleaning
●  Applied in semiconductor, LCD,circuit board, disk process.
●  Applied in bio-pharmaceuticals, automatic instruments, computer fittings, lianrs processing
●  Applied in screen printing, opto-electrical industries.


Low lint cleaning

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