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The product name:“FLAX ”industry cleaning cloth ---see more on flyer

“FLAX ” industry cleaning cloth is made by unique domestic technology, its structure is three-dimension, has obvious uplift on its surface which increase friction force between two contactors and meet high demand for wiping ability and achieve the effect that ordinary wipes can not provide.


●  Dust holding ability: unique three-dimension structure can hold more dust and wipe more completely under same condition.
●  Dirt removing ability: rough surface increase friction force between two contactors so it has strong ability to remove oil, grease therefore increase efficiency.
●  Excellent liquid absorbing ability: imported natural woodpulp has property of softness and it can absorb water, oil, grease and other liquid.
●  Safety and stability: it is natural, strong in strength and pure and doesn’t contain any chemical, can bear all kinds of chemical solution







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Main Application:

●  All kinds of machinery manufacturing , auto manufacturing, machinery maintenance … 
●  Maintenance for enterprise from all kinds of chemical, pharmaceutical, food, drink, instrument and etc
●  Application in Painting ,coating ,printing and etc.


1.Maintenance of pharmaceutical equipments

2.Auto manufacturing 

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