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The product name:Woodpulp/polyester cleaning cloth

           This is made of imported high standard woodpulp and specialized synthetic fiber and processed by advanced spunlace compound equipments. This product does not contain any chemical resin, binder, has properties of high strength, strong liquid absorption, high cleansing ability, low lint and etc.


●  Compactness: compact composition give low lint property
●  Dust holding ability: unique patter design provide strong dust holding ability
●  Touch feeling: very soft and will not cause scratch while wiping.
●  Excellent liquid absorption: strong liquid absorbing ability
●  Safety: low ion concentration
●  Stability: chemical dissolvent proof
●  Excellent physical properties: good strength, economical and high efficient.





S patterned, aperture





Test certification: 

Main Application:

●  Electronics Industry, decontamination chamber cleaning
●  Optical equipment, Optical fiber manufacturing
●  Stm steel mesh cleaning
●  Printer roller cleaning
●  precision instrument、gauges cleaning
●  Food, Pharmaceutical and chemical industry
●  All kinds of machine work, auto manufacturing, auto detailing industry.


1.STM steel mesh cleaning rolls 


STM steel mesh is used in Automatic printer, it is made of natural woodpulp and polyester and processed by advanced spunlace compound equipments, thus it formed unique woodpulp/polyester two-layer structure, it is strong and durable and with high absorption of water and oil, soft , low lint and anti-static. This is specially aimed at cleaning steel mesh of printer, solder paste and red glue of circuit board in order to matian cleanness of the circuit board. This helps reduce waste and improve efficiency and quality.


Adopt imported natural woodpulp help to achieve zero lint on the surface.
Organic combination of natural woodpulp and POLYESTER makes it has strong cleansing and liquid absorbing ability.
Strong strength, and good flexibility.
Compatible with all kinds of cleaning solution.
2.Automatic cleaning cloth for printer


               Automatic cleaning cloth for printer is made of high standard woodpulp compound spunlace and can be applied to all printers with its own automatic cleaning equipment. Due to properties of compact structure ,soft surface, good liquid absorbing ability there is no need to stop machine while cleaning , it significantly improve efficiency and reduce quantity of cleansing solution and damage to workers. Also it is a good help for keeping a good workshop environment and saving energy. 


(1)High woodpulp content with  Compact structure allows this material to have strong moisture locking ability.
(2)Excellent liquid absorbing ability achieves complete cleansing effect.
(3)Evenly distributed surface will not cause scratch on blanket.
(4)It will not produce lint while using.


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