Tianjin industry university teachers to bond non-woven visit

2015-02-06 News center tourists:26348
             Good rain knows season, is the weather, today's rain swept away haze over the past several days, with fresh air to meet our guests from afar. On January 13, 2015, tianjin textile industrial university, the economy, such as electric eight college employment guidance teacher line of ten people coming to my company inspection, exchanges, explore the way of talent training and the method.
At 9 am, you teacher take the drizzle came to hangzhou premises, bond non-woven co., LTD., the human resources department manager wang led the department colleagues, as well as non-woven professional graduated from tianjin university of technology, the company product research and development department director yu ying to welcome their arrival.
             First, xue, division of tianjin university of technology was introduced in detail the teacher told the assembled colleagues, characterized by large, and the class of 2015 graduate by xue teacher in detail, let's overall situation of tianjin university of technology have further understanding. Believe it to us in the 2016 lemon recruitment job brings more favorable trend. At the same time, the human resources manager wang, the teacher introduced the current situation of the development of state companies and lemon training plan. Present teachers with my company to the attention of the personnel work, especially pay attention to the cultivation of graduates, expresses the spirit of our company are thirsty. And what kind of graduates and enterprises need in the future the school training students' integrating theory with practice in the mutual communication and discussion, the two sides have joint between colleges to cultivate students have reached many consensus in many aspects.

             After the meeting, the human resources department manager wang led teachers to visit the company product exhibition hall, training classrooms and production line, the people all said to companies in the direction of management standards and norms. After the visit is touched the interns internship 2015 session of tianjin university of technology, the teachers kindly ask them at the state of the company's life and work, all the students in accommodation, living and working conditions were a teachers always report the related situation, everybody's internship program is very satisfied. Have said, hope I can became a formal member of the bond. Finally you tianjin polytechnic university teacher charged the intern must strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the enterprise, a high-profile work, low-key person. Believe that through the exchanges between the two sides, with tianjin university of technology, the nations are a step closer to our friendship!
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