Breakthrough innovation integration, team spirit seeks the development

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Mr Bond non-woven 2014 annual work summary and commendation congress

        In 2014, is a state extraordinary year, really did several events, the company's performance also made a great breakthrough, but also the key to the company in 2015 years, to learn from the past, the commendation advanced, plan the future, on the afternoon of February 3, 2015, "Mr Bond non-woven 2014 annual work summary and commendation congress" smooth convening the meeting room in the company.

       Group company general manager Mr Zhao Jihong, general manager, Mr Zhang jie, deputy general manager Mr Ren Jianyong Gong Jinrui Sir, as well as department head, employee representatives and award-winning advanced individual and team representatives attended the meeting.

       In the past year, all the staff has made unremitting efforts for the development of the company, each department has emerged a group of dedicated, diligent good individual and team, at the same time also led to the colleagues around transmitting the positive energy of the company, the company also set up positive energy advanced individual for the first time. Meeting first recognize the positive energy advanced individual jinniu award, outstanding employees 12 awards, such as after the recognition of three award-winning employee representatives have also to speak, with sincerity and gratitude again passed the positive energy, share the joy.

       After the recognition, the company general manager zhang jie as the theme of "breakthrough innovation integration, team spirit development" of the work report. In front of the report, zhang congratulate all the winners always on behalf of the company management team, and hard work of all employees in 2014 expressed sincere thanks. Work report reviewed the highlights of the work in 2014, and put forward the 2015 goal programming and the key work of the guidance.

       A, marketing the whole around "high quality, high technology content, high price" of positioning, determined to achieve a higher development. All marketing personnel must change ideas, firmly adhere to the strategic positioning, to realize the differentiation, to ensure continued high benefit management.

Second, the mass production system to integrate well to team leader as grassroots cadres as the main object of human resources, make it play a bigger role; Should be about "security zero accident, zero defect" quality supreme goal to promote management, education and training related work; And comb to construction enterprise supply center, established under the unified management of the supply and orderly healthy operation of the system.

      Three, research and development on obscene sufficient resources must be good at integrating information, implementation in line with market needs, in accordance with enterprise positioning high-end product development and continuously upgrade, must be good at upper and lower linkage development, speed up product development success rate, also can make the results reflected in marketing, product development to help improve the overall marketing price.

       Four, the administration will continue to integrate different departments to manage resources, according to the company put forward the establishment of the organic standards of ecosystem management, with the attitude of service oriented company various departments, to pay more attention to the details of the norms of behavior to promote daily management work, the work of various departments to improve efficiency, improve the working environment.

       Five, the state department to integrate customer resources, positioning mode, change makes positioning become international trade, strong brand marketing agents, matching, rather than the producers, for active cooperation marketing order, marketing became a powerful assistant role.

6, finance and dong 15 years is the core work actively cooperate with to promote IPO. In addition, the financial need to comb and improved all the problems of cost control, by grasping the IPO external scrutiny out opinions and Suggestions as the rocker of ascension.

      Finally, the group general manager Mr Zhao Jihong made an important speech on behalf of the chairman. First of all, affirmed the state's achievements in 2014, thanks to all staff efforts! At the same time, the development of 2015 based on the whole the boss group of nations put forward the new target and hope: first, do a good job in product differentiation, brand of high-end, the diversification of channels; Second, grasp the current good momentum of development, unified thought, firm faith, cohesive forces, collusion development, create the international standardization of enterprise and brand.

      2015 for novartis bond is very historic, transforming a year, we will take the bigger targets, with greater confidence to face the task goal, issued by the board to surpass ourselves and to continue to carry forward the responsibility, pragmatic, innovative spirit, vise pass good positive energy, for greater breakthrough in the development of 2015 set sail!

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