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2015-03-05 News center tourists:25569

        At the beginning of the New Year, vientiane update, off the cold winter, we ushered in the spring, ushered in the New Year. On February 27, 2015, 9 o 'clock in the morning, the king of all colleagues of the human resources department in the human resources department manager under the leadership of a day early to start for the New Year looking for ordinary first-line workers busy. A moment of time, and we have a cooperation agreement ShenHua labor dispatching company staff led by nearly 60 ordinary front-line workers came to the human resources department to report for duty. The human resources of the member states and yi department, production department manager hah clock manager, division of labor began to work. Someone is responsible for arranging site for people to apply for the seat arrangement, issue the registration form, pen people to apply for registration information; Someone is responsible for the collection of applicants identity card and temporary residence permit copy related materials; Someone in charge related personnel to attend the production management department clock manager to prepare the interview process; And people responsible for lead relevant personnel to go to the states department manager Chen prepared for the interview. Everyone so organized the work into the order.

           After a morning of the interview to brush selected, bond workshop accepted the interview 10 staff, admitted to bond diet group workshop 14 employees. Admissions staff will be in tomorrow after the corporate level of training and post training, after examination by will be formally to the production line.

          Such recruitment model estimation will continue for at least a week, from the recruit, interview, training, examination, formal mount guard will continues every day, the human resources department and two head of choose and employ persons will be the 2015 goal for the company to find a suitable person. For the New Year, a new starting point, each of us can have a look forward to: how to do an own strength for the company, tomorrow we will be more wonderful.

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