Green space, to purify the environment

2015-03-17 News center tourists:2896

      The earth rejuvenation, afforestation;

      Planting trees zhen, inspire future generations;

      Love tree planting, greening their homes.

      The fireworks in March, the awaken of spring is thick. The annual Arbor Day coming with the footsteps of spring bright, green environment, in order to create a better state companies in Arbor Day as an opportunity to dedicate our strength, for a better home.

      In response to the Arbor Day 2015 "beautify the environment, fresh air," the theme of the morning of March 12, the company organized various departments to carry out the tree planting activities. Considering the actual working condition, under the guidance of department head, nearly 50 people. A busy spectacle planting site, digging holes, trucks, ridging... You two, three people form a group, his shovel, together, planted hits the green seedlings, add the green for the company, after a pleasant and strain of work, the rows of new trees planted in the spring breeze brought the vigorous vitality.

      Through this activity, we urge you to strengthen environmental protection consciousness, starts from me. At the same time, improve everyone to love flowers and trees, cherish green sense of responsibility; Trees growing, set the state of vital qi, the state of positive energy like trees thrive.

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