Nbond flushable SANLYZOXII The 8th line put into production Global conference has been successfully come to an close

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    In 14th May 2015 afternoon, Nbond solemnized the global conference for “flushable SANLYZOXII The 8th line put into production ”. People who were invited to attend this event were general secretary of China Textile Industry Association Ms Li Guimei,more than 200 customer representatives from all over the world and journalists. All these guests were gathered together to witness this grand event!

    With the accompany and warm welcome of Mr Gong Jinrui, vice general manager and technical director, and other department managers, all the guests visited the advanced international 8th production line and experienced a machine speed of almost 200m/min personally. The 8th production line was put into production on 14th May officially; its investment amount is around 150,000,000 RMB. Compared to 7th production line, the 8th line is not only better in technological properties, but also its yearly output is 15,000 tons, three times greater than that of 7th production line. This fact is very significant and historical for Nbond’s development.

    During the global conference which was held in tianducheng resort, Nbond CEO Mr Zhang Jie made a keynote speech for all present guests. In his speech, Mr zhang Jie pointed out that Nbond is an international corporation with 12 years of history and has always focused on R&D and production of nonwovens, currently Nbond possesses 8 advanced spunlance production lines and social background and responsibility of developing flushable nonwoven material independently.
The first generation of sanlyzox which was made of 100% cellulose fiber was successfully put into commercial production and sold into international market Back in April 2013, this was the very first line in China. In early 2014, sanlyzox passed guidelines for accessing the Flushability of disposable nonwoven products third edition of INDA/EDANA from CTP France. Nbond is the first in China and third in the world who is substantiated to produce flushable products according to this guideline.
    The second generation has realized quicker dispersibility and higher strength after some improvements based on the first generation. Thus we have two products: plus and quick for second generation, the excellent performances of second generation are far much better than the standards listed in INDA/EDANA test, 100% flushability and 100% bio-degradability provide fantastic experience for consumers.

    As an environment-friendly corporation, Nbond shoulders social responsibility. Driven by company mission return every fiber originated from nature to a world with bluer sky and clearer water. Nbond invested 10 million RMB in Reclaimed water treatment system and 10 million in steam system. After the successful running of this system, Nbond will reduce 60% of water discharge; In the meantime, Nbond invested 30 million to build a solar generator with 6 megawatts capacity, this is the biggest solar generator among all the Monomer Corporations’ in China. Nbond spares no effects and puts heavy investments to realize energy-saving and emission-reduction and keeps contributing to sustainable development of social environment. 
    For the past couple years, Nbond was not only devoting himself into innovation and research in technology fields, but also concentrated on IPR. Up till now, Nbond possesses 96 patents、 40 international and domestic invention patents, 17 international and domestic patents for Sanlyzox. Nbond has realized independent R&D of new products and extricated himself from copycat path.

    This time, the Global conference enabled guests and friends from press to have a better and more comprehensive understanding of Nbond. All the present guests were impressed and amazed by the first-class production line as well as Sanlyzox products with excellent quality. Meanwhile, Nbond received high approval for keeping innovation in nonwoven field and achieving big success in bio-degradable spunlace material technique field. Nbond will work towards our grand goal with might and main: Establish the most competitive spunlace nonwoven corporation in the world!
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