Scattered state bond non-woven "rush" products in 2014 was named China's top ten innovative product/technology industrial textiles industry

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   On the afternoon of October 24, 2014, hangzhou bond non-woven co., LTD., director of the office of Zhu Huiquan, technology center product research and development department director yu ying, a line of three people were invited to attended the in shaoxing KeQiao no hotel at the 2014 conference on China's industrial textiles industry innovation development, the company's "can break up the degradation of environmental water thorn materials (powder)" product was named "2014 China top ten industrial textiles industry innovation product/technology".

        This meeting by China industrial textiles association, shaoxing ko flyover district people's government hosted, President of China industrial textiles industry association, Li Lingshen, shaoxing ko flyover district Zhou Shusen related leaders and guests to attend the meeting and delivered a speech, and speech. Congress granted to contain north bond non-woven scattered state "" ten products/product/technology, technology for the 2014 China industrial textiles industry top ten innovative product/technology, then Li Lingshen President as a facilitator and winners from industry, industry cluster and innovation industry/technology award-winning unit 5 guest is under the new situation of the enterprise core competitive ability cultivation; Under the new opportunity of cooperation and important issues, such as extending industrial chain, makes deep and communication.

       After the conference, also held a "flash nonwovens technology seminar", in the workshop, from scattered raw material suppliers and related third party inspection agencies did technology in the project meeting, finally by bond company delegates, as a key, a spokesman for the workshops, told the assembled leaders and peers can be scattered market situation is analyzed, at the same time the report is in the leading international bond, scattered vertical impact product status of domestic initiation. And will represent all scattered state rushed to our company product is filled with great interest, but also for our studying innovative product/technology research achievements, agrees.

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