Nbond nonwovens won the third session of the national textile industry management innovation achievement award of excellence

2015-04-02 News center tourists:3649
  To further promote the industry enterprise management innovation, China Textile Industry Enterprise Management Association (China Textile Entrepreneurs Association) at the end of 2013 organized the third "national textile industry management innovation Award" contest. The first half of 2014 after a trial expert, Nuobang nonwoven finalists primaries 11 companies, from the beginning of July this year by from Donghua University, Xi'an Polytechnic University, Tianjin Polytechnic University, professors of Beijing Institute of Clothing and Textiles Industry Media group composed of experts selected 11 finalists were to conduct field research enterprise. On September 28, held its third "national textile industry management innovation award" final meeting, the experts meeting on 11 enterprises in the reviews and discussions.
  Experts said that the post-crisis era nonwovens industry is a positive factor stimulating demand, China's non-woven industry started late, but the rapid development pace of development in recent years, especially in China woven products greatly exceeded the average growth rate of the textile industry, development of the industry a large space, an endless stream of new products and new materials, new applications are emerging. But spunlace production process long, covers an area of ​​large, complex equipment, high quality requirements, energy consumption. Characteristics of these processes, production and other aspects of the enterprise management is a big challenge, but also to manage innovation provides a huge space for development. Nuobang nonwoven that "simplicity, good at heart, heavy on the line" management approach, through the implementation simplicity of management, management efficiency and low consumption, improve management efficiency and market reaction speed, form their own unique management model.
  The development of technology, making the production process and the complex aspects of the management put forward higher requirements, simplify, and more efficient management of modern enterprise goal, Nuobang nonwoven according to industry and their own characteristics, management, management made simple philosophy, and practice simple series of management innovation, and achieved positive results, with an important reference for the textile industry. Nuobang nonwoven simple management based on innovative measures, such as the high sense of innovation, learning organizations to build, improve the system, optimize business processes, technology leader and other experiences and practices, for growth, transformation of Chinese enterprises universal reference and promotion of significance.
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