Hangzhou's Nbond non-woven co., LTD. Technology center in zhejiang province was identified as "provincial enterprise technology center"

2015-04-02 News center tourists:3612
  Recently, the Economic and Information Technology Commission of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province, Department of Finance, State Administration of Taxation, Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province Local Taxation, Customs, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, five departments jointly announced the twenty-first provincial-level enterprise technical centers list Nonwoven Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Nuobang list, was identified as "provincial enterprise technology center."

       Nbond nonwoven development more than ten years, and always adhere to the scientific and technological innovation and personnel development for the center to build the core competitiveness of enterprises, implementation of differentiated business strategy, in order to stabilize the quality to meet customer demand, continued technological innovation to create an internationally renowned brand, R & D keep up with the latest international development, international market integration of new products, and constantly open spunlace nonwovens applications and the development of high value-added new products, improve the competitiveness of enterprises, so Nuobang can always walk in the country spunlace frontier ranks, becoming spunlace technology innovation-driven industries and industry leader in the development, leading the development of the industry, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading the whole spunlace and healthy development of the domestic spunlace nonwovens industry.
  Nbond nonwoven will accelerate the construction of a business-oriented, market-oriented, a combination of technological innovation system, and constantly improve the technological innovation and institutional mechanisms play a central role in enterprise technology centers in technological innovation, and improve enterprise capability of independent innovation and enhance their core competitiveness and sustainable development, to achieve "material diversification, environmental protection technology, product features, process intelligence, manager of the" of the five development goals, to create "the world's leading ( with spunlace technology as the core) Nonwoven Materials Technology Center. "
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