The class of 2015 lemon recruitment going on

2015-04-02 News center tourists:2998

   Recently I saw a story, is about ford "to" love, the story of youdao, I feel very good, to share with you the story is like this.
Once a ford motor is broken, the company sent to all the engineering and technical personnel, but no one can repair, ford motor company had to the other, please. Looking for several times and found the temple because of the man, he was a German engineering and technical personnel, to the United States, was take a fancy to a small factory boss and hired him.
He to the scene, in the motor in the listening, the ladder, a climb down after a while, finally in a part of the motor with chalk to draw a line, write the words "here much more coil 16." Indeed remove the excess of coil, the motor immediately returned to normal.
Henry Ford was very appreciated for's thought of talent, is invited him to come to work, ford but because temple, said: "my company is very good to me, now I can't ingratitude".

         Ford immediately said: "I buy at your company, you can come to work".

         In order to get a man willing to buy a ford company.

         To see the importance of talent is self-evident. Talent is to promote the healthy development of the enterprise strength, is also the core competitiveness of enterprise development, and decisive factors for the enterprise success or failure.

        With the development of state companies, our company is also the growing demand for talents, and this year's graduates for many companies, is the key to the reserve talented person method, they has unique advantages in the plasticity and comprehensive quality, it is not, then the annual campus recruitment season, in order to recruit outstanding graduates, the human resources department in August 2014 on the class of 2015 lemon recruitment plan, according to the company's development strategy, and each door graduates demand research, related to choose according to professional schools, and to understand school graduates, and the related school communication (casc), including preparing posters again, all kinds of professional written examination papers, the scene about PPT preparation, and micro letter 2015th lemon recruitment column and so on. We are making full preparations. Prepare for the upcoming season.

          Good team, then the human resources department members according to each contact campus recruiting time, on heading for the colleges and universities, a series of lemon recruitment work in 2015. So far, we walked through the tianjin university of technology, wuhan textile university, anhui university of engineering, zhejiang university of science and technology, jiaxing college, nantong university, and quzhou quzhou college vocational and technical college. The campus are busy and left our hr members have a full figure. Through the scene of the universities recruitment, spreading the collective interview, written examination, and so on link test, has nearly 40 excellent 2015 bond lemon reserves internship signed a preliminary agreement with our company, an internship will be partial to exercise. Believe that only by lemon having their own hands-on practice exercise, can truly feel state companies development speed, and judge the state companies is not suitable for their growth and development of "soil". For companies at the same time, we will give priority to select an active, pragmatic, work, diligence, modesty, motivated talents cultivation.

        The class of 2015 lemon among the first to report immediately to the company internship, we look forward to their coming, come on! Little lemon!

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