Improve the quality of full consciousness, and strive to zero defect quality

2015-04-02 News center tourists:2815

        To raise awareness of the product quality of the workshop staff positions, in-depth study the quality of the product knowledge, quality management department on October 27, 2014 - November 3, organized a "workshop product quality job knowledge, customer complaints and microbial training". This training on quality management as the leading factor, separately for each workshop positions training, focus on improve workshop each post staff quality consciousness, the product quality control to every post, really let the product quality control, avoid the happening of the batch quality accident, to improve the quality of our products.

          The training activities, the main points in process quality inspection standard, the microbial prevention and control knowledge, customer complaint information three pieces of content. First of all by the quality management department manager in a comrade to convey to each post employees recently to patrol inspection in the process of quality control standards does not reach the designated position, on the basis of the specific training after jobs, according to detailed explain the job quality standards, combined with the problems that exist in the actual operation, emphasized; The second part by the quality management department assistant manager comrade Chen to roll, quality inspection, packaging, team leader position, this paper introduces the usual need to focus on prevention and control during the production of microbial health knowledge points, to prevent product contamination, influence quality. After the most part by qa Xu Xiaoyu introduce to each post personnel as of September 2014, customer complaints and compensation information, and according to the different positions of responsibility complaints as case analysis, explain the specific operation in the process of how to do quality assurance, to prevent the same problem from happening again.

        This training activity, a change before calling all staff focus on training, no specific problem, subdivision post personnel, can carry on the training of more targeted, explain more focused at the same time, the students to absorb more effective, also to avoid the part of the trainees is too much to listen to not understand, can not hear the questions very carefully.

        After training, the standard inspection site conditions and job employee feedback information analysis, this training yielded certain results, especially for new employees just work soon help much. But there are still individual personnel standards does not reach the designated position, still need to pay attention in the process of inspection in the future and we will continue to do propaganda work quality standards.

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