Nonwoven indoor building materials will be the biggest growth in 2014 biggest market
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     Nonwoven materials used in the construction industry has become a hot topic in recent years, both exterior wall coating material and the roof protective material, is a good market for nonwovens enterprises. It is worth mentioning that the nonwovens industry association, according to data released as people living standard rise, as well as the rapid development of the interior decoration industry, indoor decoration construction nonwoven materials to present the double-digit growth over peripheral materials, or to become the largest market in 2014.

The surface of the metal

 Improve the radiant heat dynamic traffic

          In building material, the United States dupont, the nonwoven materials by using the flash is the global leader in building maintenance structure system. In order to expand the room in building materials field, dupont, building science branch was established in June 2013 for the research and development of indoor building materials, and at the end of march in 2014 launched the first indoor building materials, and named it ThermaWrap.

         ThermaWrap adopted low radiation, surface metallization, largely improved the flow of radiant heat dynamic wall system. Summer can reflect the sun's radiation, protect the buildings, improve indoor air conditioning efficiency; Winter season when lost out to prevent heat from the house structure. That is to say, in all the time, ThermaWrap can help private residential and commercial buildings more comfortable, more energy saving, and lower cost.

         "At present, nearly two-thirds of the wall structure of maintenance, the structure is easy to lose or get radiation heat flow, the project is big, time consuming, while ThermaWrap by raising the wall effectively R value (heat resistance) to effectively solve the problem." Building science branch technical director Jeff said. Adopted ThermaWrap material on the surface of the metal can be said to be a good air and water vapor barrier, it can prevent water product wall within the system, but the form of water vapor from outside, can prevent indoor mold rot and wooden furniture. "This is the product on the market at present it is difficult to achieve the effect, with air and water resistance, and achieve the combination of low radiation surface, ThermaWrap for management of energy efficiency to provide the best of both worlds." Jeff said.

Glass fiber polymer

GFPF fabric not formaldehyde release

          Jia si mai wei companies in the United States in March 2014 launched a new product recommendation meeting hosted by the world's first kitchen GFPF polymer with fiberglass fabric. GFPF used raw material is glass fiber composite material, process of choice is today and in the future for a long period of time is likely to be known as the green process of spun-bonded polyester collocation, and in the process of production is equipped with greater speed, at the same time, the whole weight of the product was reduced by 60%. In addition, the GFPF production process, the customer can choose the product is customized, performed by the customer choose our fire fire or A3 level A2 level requirement, but improve the fire rating will improve product weight.

        The European market sales director jia si mai wei company Kleine Brecht, points out that indoor construction industry is one who has a regional, complex and changeable market, only to conduct a comprehensive test under different conditions and direction, to complex solutions to problems, so, how to provide the most cost-effective and reliable way is to win the competition.

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