Mask to become a new growth point of the beauty industry
Industry information

2015-04-02 News center tourists:2880

             With the higher the income level of Chinese female consumers, come into contact with the skin care concept increasingly rich and mature, especially after "80, 90," grow into mainstream consumption, prompting the mask the use frequency. In addition, once the idea of "the mask as a luxury beauty consumption" as the mask of populist prices and rapid change. Now the mask prices ranging from a few cents to $20, vigorously promote the mask with home group is expanding fast. Combined with grey haze in recent years such as atmospheric air pollution continuously, mask be up to the female star, down to the general urban women to protect facial ministry skin daily necessities, also more stimulating mask sales.

           According to understand, thanks to mask industry rapid development, China's cosmetic industry in 2014 gross industrial output value is expected to total 850 billion yuan, 15% more than last year. Among them, the face film market estimated sales scale will reach to 25 billion yuan, up 25% over last year, as the beauty industry one of the fastest growing products. With the development of China's urbanization policy, the growth rate of China film of face of the market will continue to increase. Within the next three to five years, the mask products will become an important pillar of the category of cosmetics store.

           During this session of guangzhou beauty expo also held Chinese mask business BBS, participants from mask manufacturing source, the interpretation of the film of face of market changes and development trend, discusses the mask industry new technology, new material, looking for new business development model. Which come from Europe, Japan and South Korea brands around the green, efficacy, innovation subject, bring international industry trends to the participants.

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