Can break up the future development of wet wipes
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         Can use wet towel include adult toilet flushes out wet wipes, baby health with a wet towel wipes and women, three most usage has been on the increase. According to the investment consulting company Smithers Apex of the latest market research report, in 2018, the market demand for can be scattered wet towel is estimated at 55720 tons, sales of about $1.4 billion.

         Of scattered wipes demand mainly by the use of functional, cost and consumer convenience, health, environmental protection consciousness enhancement, but where is the future development direction of wet wipes, development direction of the next few years and non-woven fabric manufacturers should make efforts? To this, the British market research company Smithers Apex report summarized into the following four points:

1, change the non-woven base fabric

         Changes to the wet towel with non-woven fabric is imperative, due to the particularity of the structure of existing sewage treatment system, if the wet towel size exceeds a certain specification will cause congestion, this kind of phenomenon in the United States, the Netherlands, Sweden and the UK have hair, and relevant government departments issued some unrealistic laws and regulations. Petroleum base does not degrade fiber prices, on the other hand, in the rapid increase, so close to or more than a price for the degradation of fiber, such as viscose and cotton fibers, before because of the degradation product price high and consumers are not willing to pay for no longer exists, the problem of wood pulp on the market although the price has been close to the highest level in history, but it is still cheaper than the petroleum base 50%, although the wood pulp and viscose and cotton fiber prices will increase along with the change of time, but some experts predict that the growth of the petroleum base fiber prices will be more than the non-oil fiber, these factors will lead to consider when choosing fiber non-woven fabric manufacturers.

2, increasing the dosage of wood pulp and cotton fiber

         Smithers Apex company the second point is put forward by the report in the wet wipes non-woven increase in the use of wood pulp and cotton fibers, the use of wood pulp is helpful to reduce the cost, the airflow into the net method has the advantages of using a higher proportion of wood pulp business now in the air-laid paper pulp fiber dosage has amounted to 85-90%. Early water and air flow to the network + 50% can only use wood pulp spunlace process, now 60-70% wood pulp content of the water thorn cloth have been commercialized, use Suominen company Hydraspun technology, through the wet + use of spunlaced process, for private brand toilet wipes the wood pulp content can reach 80%.

         In wet towels to use wood pulp is the most environmentally friendly way, and cotton fiber made from airflow into the net and spunlace method wipes are still loved by consumers. In addition, many manufacturers have also noticed the cotton fiber and other fibers such as viscose fiber and polypropylene fiber price differences in gradually narrowed, regenerated cellulose fiber sustainable is better, and cheaper than new cotton prices, as more manufacturers adopt, regenerated cellulose fibers is expected in the application of wet towel will be more and more.

3, small size can be unloaded to really break up

          Wet wipes are by less than a certain size can be directly rushed off sewage treatment system, steering can be dispersed in the true sense. Hk company in order to increase the wet towel for sales in 2001, first introduced as Cottonelle Rollwipes adult toilet with a wet towel, are the first on the market can be scattered wet wipes, then other brands as well as some private brand on the market are all small size can be discharged wipes and Rollwipes didn't how many sales have increased, however, the market reaction is very dull, the product is out of the market after a few years. Besides can be dispersed, Rollwipes wipes in the form of rolls sales, there are many problems in this form, such as technical issues need to formulate wafer breaker, and marketing do not and so on. When Rollwipes         sales did not achieve the desired effect, kimberly-clark will cancel the package form, with a barrel of sheets, at the same time to change into small size can be unloaded form, and other brand products on the market. Incredibly, in the wet towel wipes a variety of purposes, through appropriate marketing policy, the adult toilet with a wet towel sales continue to increase, now has become a high value and growth of the product.

         Wet towel wipes in 2013 and 2013, is the difference between all the brand manufacturers such as kimberly-clark, procter & gamble, and some mainstream brand production of adult type toilet with a wet towel can be dispersed, rather than a small size can be blunt discharge type, products fully meet INDA/EDANA guiding rules, obviously this change is the role of the government regulations, rather than the actual demand of consumers.

4, spunlace jacquard instead of hot pressing

        Go, for the surface of the thin non-woven fabric pattern usually adopt hot flower, because the water thorn jacquard in production at a slower pace, jacquard quality is not high and the need to invest in jacquard equipment. Polypropylene fiber with prices often wave motion, make the most of non-woven fabric manufacturer rarely used, procter & gamble company has always insisted on using the trefoil section of polypropylene fibre production water thorn cloth, from another point of view, accelerated the spunlace jacquard non-woven more USES.

        Because of spunlace jacquard don't use thermal bonding between fiber produced by hot pressing flowers (due to fiber a union between a man and a hot melt and a fiber is generated in the sewage treatment system is difficult to separate), thus to can be scattered wet towel is very ideal, spunlaced nonwoven is now almost can use all natural fibers, so that the biodegradable and scattered products processing is possible.

        As the world's growing environmental pollution environmental protection consciousness and the consumer to rise ceaselessly, when economic crisis phenomenon gradually eliminate, rational consumers begin to buy. Developed countries such as America, Western Europe and Japan and some parts of the developing countries, consumers are in advocating the concept of sustainable development, and support from the purchases. Can be scattered wet towel to wipe cloth is a kind of sustainable development of the product, after sewage treatment system of legacy can be useful as a soil conditioner, rather than merely become a dump of the landfill.

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