Ingeo biological material non-woven fabric market
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2015-04-02 News center tourists:2966

         Recently, the global biological materials conference in Dallas, us Nature Works announced meiya non-woven industrial co., LTD. (U.S. Pacific) as its Asia Pacific general agent, sales of Ingeo biological material production of non-woven products. This is the important measure of Ingeo biological material non-woven fabric market. During the meeting, several companies published Ingeo materials applied in the field of non-woven exposure to the advances being made in the report.

          Ingeo biological materials made from plants and non-oil, is made from renewable plant resources as raw materials. Its production process and compared with the traditional oil raw material to produce, consume less fuel and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, more environmental protection, energy saving. Many companies have used on the production of products Ingeo biological materials, such as Canon multi-function printers, Fujitsu and NEC computer, Coca-Cola company has set up a new water machine cups, the Target brand Archer Farms of fresh and cooked food containers, etc.

          The application of Ingeo biological materials to expand to non-woven fabrics. Meiya non-woven industrial co., LTD., chief technology officer Larry Wadsworth, "said Dr. With Biax - Fiberfilm company-specific Biax melt-blown production lines, using Ingeo mixed with PHA materials made by the method of melt-blown wet paper towels, not only extend the shelf life of the tissues, but also to strengthen its ability in the water, soil degradation. Biax - Fiberfilm company President doug brown said, their melt-blown line shows excellent performance on Ingeo processing.

          The global famous non-woven company - Ahlstrom company to Ingeo as the main raw material production of spun-bonded non-woven products. Chief technology officer Ray Volpe said: "the spun-bonded non-woven compared with polypropylene products, in addition to the tensile strength, dyeing ability and surface tension can achieve the same or better results, in cutting, the fouling resistance, flame retardant and scalability aspects are better than that of the polypropylene." He said that the company was expand the application field of non-woven series of products, including diapers at the top and bottom fabric, plant mulch material and soft adornment and so on.

         Meiya non-woven fabric of the company's chief technology officer Larry Wadsworth said: "it is took a fancy to Ingeo applications in the field of non-woven fabric excellent performance, and huge potential for development in China and other Asian countries, we decided to agent Ingeo biological materials sales in Asia Pacific."

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