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        When the president of the China Textiles Industry Association, Li Ling Shen recent interview with China Textile Economic Information Network reporter, said the past two years, China's industrial textiles industry showed a steady and relatively fast development momentum, the rapid development of key areas, but there are constraints bottleneck in the development of the industry.
Strong domestic demand growth industry running smoothly
      According to Li Ling Shen Jieshao, 2013, the main business income of China's industrial textiles industry grew 16.5%, profit growth of 16.4%, an increase of 28.8% over the previous investment in fixed assets. Run from the first quarter of 2014, the industry made a good start, sales, profits and investment have continued to maintain rapid growth, economic efficiency continued to improve; while the US and EU demand driven by growth in exports maintained a growth rate of 6.57 percent. The past two years, the main economic indicators of industrial textiles industry is still the leader of the textile industry.
      Li Ling Kokoshin, as the government continues to implement a series of measures to gradually deepen reform, the state investment in infrastructure, environmental management, health care, security, military and defense aspects of increasing the release of larger domestic market for the rapid development of industrial textiles industry and provide a vast space. Overall, the domestic market is growing industrial textiles industry is relatively strong market recovery in external demand, technological progress to promote the development of the industry significantly, the industry is in a steady intake of steady and rapid development stage, will continue to optimize the industrial structure, industrial competitiveness continue to improve.
Six key areas off together
      Li Ling Shen believes that the current development of industrial textiles industry showing a "high-end product mix, extensive application areas" of the excellent situation, in which six key areas of development take off together, the average annual growth rate of more optimistic.
      Medical and hygiene textiles Textiles Industry in the larger field of medical and public health capacity for non-woven web of energy growth and yield, is one of the industry's key investment direction. Breaking the long melt spinning composite nonwovens equipment and technology problems, to create a width of 3200mm SMXS equipment, which can be part of meltblown online / offline composite, after finishing with the technology for the "three anti" gowns, isolation high-end clothing and other medical fields; chitosan, skin wound healing materials made of silk fibers and high-end feminine hygiene textiles, promote wound healing, bleeding good performance and comfort, high anti-bacterial properties.
      Filtration textiles at high temperature filtration and liquid filtration to achieve a technological breakthrough, which the high temperature filtration process to produce progress and upgrading equipment for the support, the focus on "microfiber", "density gradient", "fine filter" and other technical direction developed a number of new filter materials, including ultra-fine surface gradient filter, spunlace felt and foam coating filter media, etc., and were popularized. Liquid filtration flux is developed a large, high stain resistance of the functional film materials and components, for the difficult problem of heavy metal ions and organic film processing, fast adsorption and desorption regeneration functional material was prepared, can municipal sewage, industrial waste and recycling water for processing.
      As the "second five" first half of China's infrastructure investment growth slowed to geotechnical and building a greater impact with the development of the textile field, but through the South and other national key projects and environmental engineering applications, such as new markets open up, industry concentration and product quality has improved. High strength, resistance to bursting, abrasion, anti-acid of polypropylene geotextiles used in high-speed rail track sliding layer material; high strength, resistance to environmental polyester filament spunbond geotextile applied to landfill. Architectural textiles, the newly developed PET filament spunbond nonwoven fabric waterproof padding, has been to promote mass production stage, compared with the original PET staple fiber needle products in the same weight conditions significantly improve performance, and retardant waterproof membrane, salinity waterproof membrane, cryogenic flexible waterproof membrane, fiberglass wet nonwovens also have good functional applicability.
      Traffic textiles with technological innovation, the development of a high specific strength, high specific modulus and high impact resistance continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastics, play an important role in automotive applications in lightweight; high end applications Kevlar material continue to expand, aramid honeycomb core sandwich structure material as high-speed trains, with a clear flame retardant, lightweight, energy-saving and noise reduction has been applied to the bulk of domestic high-speed trains; aramid paper production with a honeycomb structure materials, assessment test has been validated and aircraft manufacturing to meet the needs of the aviation sector for special materials.
      Security and protection textiles with the development of the good performance of the fiber material success and mass production, speed up technological progress and product upgrades. Developed with stab anti-cut, flame retardant, high temperature, high strength, anti-static, anti-oil and waterproof, anti-acid, moisture wicking properties of a new generation of high-performance combat training special police service, developed with hundreds of species High performance fiber as raw material security fabrics new products used in the field of special protection. Developed the PTFE film composite profiled fiber / cotton blended embedded anti-static fabric, successfully combines the profiled fiber moisture drying, comfort and conductive fibers of cotton fiber anti-static, and other functions.
      Structural reinforcement textiles, capturing the high-strength glass fiber yarn woven high density problem, the production of aerospace Used semi-rigid fiberglass panels battery warp mesh material, dramatically reducing the weight of the battery wing, successfully applied to the "Temple" Aerospace device; the introduction of technology to produce 3 MW wind turbine blades specification, main spar caps using carbon fiber composite materials, significantly reducing blade weight and longer blade life. Three-dimensional weaving, multi-axial warp, tubular carbon fiber and fiberglass fabric, PTFE-coated fiberglass fabric to achieve a breakthrough.
      Statistical data from the first quarter of this year, the six key areas to follow the development of environmental industries and their applications have progress, common objectives for industrial textiles bearing the textile industry a new economic growth point to contribute to the force.
Restricting the development of two industrial textiles bottleneck
      Li Ling Shen also pointed out the current constraints of industrial textiles development bottleneck, first contradiction pilot new product development and product awareness of alternative lag between. Product over R & D, product ahead, not the application of market acceptance, the enterprise is a fatal blow, investment companies not return, which is constraining the development of industrial textiles industry bottlenecks. Secondly, the huge domestic market potential and ability to meet the industry there is a big gap. Such as health care, military, paper and other fields, it seems very simple product, still use imported products, mainly the ability of the industry to meet, while the high-end products at the international level there is a gap.
        According to Li Ling Shen Jieshao, China will organize an international industrial textiles and nonwovens exhibition September 24, 2014 to 26 in Shanghai New International Exhibition Center. The exhibition exhibition area of ​​about 35,000 square meters, occupy three pavilions, about 500 exhibitors, both big increase compared with the previous exhibitors of products covering all areas of industrial textiles. Li Ling Shen stressed that this exhibition is the largest industry event this year, in terms of size and influence of the exhibition are historical, which is the current development status of industrial textiles is consistent. The exhibition will focus on the latest technology to show the highest level of industrial textiles and products industry.
      This year the show will set up innovative product display area, and launched the "2014 China Textiles Industry Innovative Product / Technology Award" campaign, showcasing key areas of new industrial products, new technologies, and from the Top Ten Innovative Product / Technology . The show will also build technical exchange area, there will be more than forty technical report during the show to open communication platform enhancements exhibitors and audience interaction. In addition, the exhibition will be held in the same period a number of industry events, including the China Textiles Industry Association executive director will be three eight, China International Conference on Non-woven fabric.
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