Norfolk state shares won the 2014 China top 20 industrial textiles industry competitiveness enterprise

2015-03-31 News center tourists:3241

       On March 26, 2015, five middle third session of expanded council meeting was held in Beijing. President of China textile industry association, Wang Tiankai, vice President and secretary general Gao Yong, deputy party secretary George chan, deputy secretary-general Peng Yanli, coordination department inspector He Yanli and other leaders, national development and reform commission (NDRC) industry association, the association and the state shares as vice President of units by the deputy general manager Ren Jianyong representatives to attend the meeting.

      The leaders at the meeting on the new development trend of China's economy, the textile industry under the normal and the innovation development of industrial textiles described deeply, Li Lingshen President council work report. Co-opted at some of the directors, executive director and vice President, issued in 2014 in China's industrial textiles industry competitiveness top 20 enterprises, recognition in the public service platform construction, the media publicity, industry promotion, statistics and so on advanced collectives and individuals that have made outstanding achievements, the state shares with it more than ten years of development was named "2014 China top 20 industrial textiles industry competitiveness enterprise", this is the company all staff's efforts, is also the industry of the support of state shares and the affirmation, the company will follow the industry for the development of industry, and contribute to the country.

      At the same time, deputy general manager of state shares Ren Jianyong attended on March 27 to "intelligent materials. Medical spinning integration" as the theme of "2015 national medical textile technology application promotion seminar". At the opening of the "national health care textile science and technology promotion center", the center will become a medical communication link and bridge, and textile industry textile technology value passed to the medical and health field, through the exchange of medical textile experts and medical workers, for the domestic and foreign medical textile science and technology workers, medical textile technology industrialization of practitioners to provide interactive services, realize the application in the field of textile science and technology achievements in medical and health.

      State shares will comply with the industry development, at the same time, the company under the "management innovation, differentiation competition" principle, on the basis of enterprise resource, is the result of customer demand, continue to focus on technical innovation, implement differentiation from all walks of life, enhance enterprise competitiveness.

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