Laboratory equipment

Brief introduction of Nbond laboratory

Bonyee Technology experiment center include Physics experiment plot, Chemical experiment plot and Microbial experiment plot, doing daily inspection for jumbo rolls of Nbond and raw material, finish products of Bonyee.

At present, the laboratory have a series of tester facilities, just like Instron apparatus, contact angle meter, whiteness meter, DD draught drying cabinet, cleaning bench, impermeable constant tem, portable stainless steel pressure sterilization pot and so on.

· Detection of raw materials, including polyester capable of detecting oil content; absorbing agent absorbing effect, the effect of water-repellent agent refused to judge; adhesive bonding fastness, solid content, the amount of residual single detection; pulp, coil formaldehyde content detection; multi-component product composition detection; more than 40 kinds of detection COD detection and other raw materials.

· Coil detection can be performed include moisture regain, breaking strength, tear strength, bursting strength, pipetting volume, covering nonwovens reject all performance test alcohol levels, fade resistance, washing performance, flame retardant properties and can self-test flushable dispersion properties of the product.

· The total number of microorganisms capable of detection of bacterial colonies, including health coils, wipes, water production, console, and the environment, the total number of fungal colonies, coliform test.

· Nbond laboratory determined the standard operation, efforts to study, rigorous and realistic, to pursue CNAS certification and work together!

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